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New York Times Passes Along 'Endorsement' for Accused Cop-Killer Dorner

Times reporter Adam Nagourney passed along endorsements for Christopher Dornan's worldview: "Yet for whatever changes the department has undergone since the days when it was notorious as an ...
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Occupy Movement All Over the Sunday NYTimes, from Three-Kid Summer Camp to Police at the Pool

Sunday's New York Times celebrated the left-wing Occupy movement in four separate stories, including this peculiar compliment to the police from Ginia Bellafante: "In the era of stop-and-frisk ...
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Occupy Violence Erupts in Los Angeles: 'Kill the Cops!'; NBC Ignores

Occupy violence erupted in Los Angeles on Thursday with protesters using slogans such as "Kill the cops." NBC skipped the story on Friday's Today. CBS This Morning and ABC's Good Morning America ...
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