Mark Mazzetti

New York Times Again Defends Chuck Hagel From Mean GOP; Plus Do Only Conservatives Feel 'Ire'?

From the start the Times has oozed sympathy for the plight of Obama's nominee for secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, warning darkly of the disappearance of congressional "comity" and ...
Media Research Center

New York Times Sent Unpublished Columns to the Obama Administration for Vetting

On two occasions, Times columns have ended up in the inboxes of  the CIA or the top White House advisor. The paper does not have a formal policy on sharing anarticle for publication.

New York Times Fronts Anti-War Reporting Against Action in Iran: 'Could Leave Hundreds of Americans Dead'

The New York Times, laboring under the false impression it participated in George W. Bush's "rush to war" in Iraq, is pushing back hard against the prospect of preemptive action against Iran's ...
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