Oh No: Former Klansman Was 'Appalled' by Rick Santorum's 'Insolence'

Mark Leibovich finds a late paragon of moral virtue, Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd, to condemn comments the "pgymy" "bully" Rick Santorum made as a senator.

Mark Leibovich Takes on 'Nasty Newt'

Newt Gingrich is "among the more divisive political figures of recent decade" and always threatens to become "Nasty Newt." Yet former vice president Al Gore was a "compelling" "pop culture icon."

Conservative Rep. Darrell Issa, a 'Nuisance' and a 'Pest'

Political personality reporter Mark Leibovich on Rep. Darrell Issa: "Every Congress seems to produce a designated pest, adept at drawing attention to nuisance issues (and his nuisance self) while ...

David Carr's Tilted Take on Unsociable Republicans

Media reporter ends a piece with attacking Eric Cantor's quote from a different Times story - a little out of its balanced context.

Surprise: Times Reporter Plays It Straight in Front Page Palin Profile

Mark Leibovich tones down the mocking attitude in his Saturday profile of Sarah Palin, who is "quietly assembling the infrastructure of an expanding political operation."

Leibovich Finds Some Scott Brown Comments 'Curious' and 'Offending,' But None From Gaffe-Tastic Biden

The paper's political profile writer Mark Leibovichmaintains his usual pro-Democratic double standard: "[Scott Brown] strives for 'total discipline' but can be prone to curious public statements ...

Verdict First, Evidence Later: Bankers Delivering Testimony on Hill the 'Lowest of Low-Lifes'

Fair and balanced coverage from Mark Leibovich of the financial crisis hearings on Capitol Hill: "The four bankers of the apocalypse strode into the room for the Congressional equivalent of a perp ...

Times Keeps Pushes the Myth of Missing Moderates in the G.O.P.

The mystery of the missing moderates: The "moderate wing of the Republican Party in Florida and across the country is a very, very small group...if they exist at all, Times political profiler Mark ...

Leibovich Mines Florida Tea Party for Paranoia While Pitying 'Pariah' Moderate Charlie Crist

The Times' Mark Leibovich finds hecklers, racist anecdotes, and "contempt for the president" at a Florida tea party rally in a profile of the upcoming Florida Senate primary pitting Marco Rubio ...

Times Calls Technical Foul on Obama's All-Male Basketball Games

Mark Leibovich goes after Obama from the feminist left: "Does the White House feel like a frat house? The suspicion flared in recent weeks - and not for the first time - after President Obama was ...
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