Reporters Defend Paper's Coverage of Tucson Shootings, Denies NYT Blamed the Right Wing

Who blamed conservatives? Not us: "Commentators on the right were quick to condemn their perennial adversaries, including The New York Times, for drawing a cause-and-effect relationship between ...

The NYT's Skewed View: Liberal Newsweek 'Strives to Be Apolitical," Far-Left Daily Kos Just a 'Political Blog'

Two stories in Thursday's New York Times featured the paper avoiding pinning ideological labels on two liberal media organs: the magazine Newsweek and the blog Daily Kos. Reporter Jeremy Peters ...

Far-Left Daily Kos Just a 'Political Blog' at the Times

Joseph Plambeck never reveals precisely what sort of "political blog" Daily Kos is: "Mr. Moulitsas said that because of his blog's success, there are other polling organizations willing to work ...

Double Standard: 'Fairly Big Split' Among Liberals on Health Care Downplayed

Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas admits divide in 'progressive movement'; receives little fanfare as compared to media exploitation when conservatives disagree.
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