Networks Mostly Mute on Democratic Scandals

ABC, CBS and NBC Air 49 Stories on GOP Governor's Sex Life, But Ignore Democratic Corruption

Kudlow, Moore Push for S.C. First Lady Jenny Sanford to Run for Governor

Wall Street Journal writer calls former finance executive 'brains of the operation.'

Matthews: Has GOP 'Embarrassed Themselves' Out of Family Values Biz?

Chris Matthews, on his syndicated The Chris Matthews Show, over the weekend, wondered if the Mark Sanford scandal will make the GOP a more tolerant party as he asked his panel: "Have Republicans ...

MSNBC Features NYT Columnist to Deride Hypocrisy of Red State Conservatives

MSNBC's Carlos Watson on Monday provided a friendly forum for New York Times opinion writer Charles Blow to link red states and social conservatism with the hypocrisy of sex scandal-ridden ...

CNBC's Cramer: 'Remember When Business Was on the Front Page?'

'Mad Money' star notes change in news cycle with the passing of Michael Jackson as copies of NY Times going for $51 on eBay.

Morning Shows Devote Almost an Hour to Hyping Sanford Story

The three network morning shows on Thursday devoted a staggering 18 segments to the revelation that South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was having an affair with a woman from Argentina, adding up ...

'World News' Uses Sanford Scandal to Make Sexist Claim against Male Politicians

ABC News political analyst Cokie Roberts suggests male politicians wouldn't cheat 'if they were thinking with another part of their body.'

CNN Omits Democrats' Sex Scandals, Zeroes-in on GOP

CNN's Ali Velshi on Thursday ignored all the past sex scandals involving Democrats in recent years as he focused on "another sex scandal involving a leading Republican." When his guest, Tony ...

Sam Donaldson: It's Hard to Forgive Bible-thumping GOPers for Their Sex Scandals

ABC's Sam Donaldson appeared on Thursday's Good Morning America to talk about the developing Mark Sanford scandal and loudly assert that it's hard to forgive Bible-thumping Republicans for their ...
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