Times Watch Quotes of Note: Panel Host Challenges Executive Editor Keller on Front-Page Liberal Bias

Plus the "advocates for women's health" at Planned Parenthood, and Bill Keller tries his hand at stand up.

Panel Host Challenges Executive Editor on Front-Page Liberal Bias

Plus: "Unimaginable" arrogance by the Times on WikiLeaks, the "Advocates for Women's Health" at Planned Parenthood, and former partisan union boss John Sweeney as a secular saint.

Kalb to Keller: Why Do You Allow Left-Wing Views in Your News Stories?

Marvin Kalb asks Executive Editor Bill Keller: "Many conservatives as you well know, criticize the Times as being a liberal, left-wing newspaper, and that those views get into the news part of ...

D.C. Bureau Chief: 'Unimaginable' Not to Publish WikiLeaks Secret Cables

Washington Bureau Chief Dean Baquet: "Put aside the debate over what WikiLeaks provided. Isn't it unimaginable to anybody that the New York Times would have had the arrogance to have this stuff ...
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