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New York Times Again Piles on Liberal Melodrama Over Augusta National Golf Club's Membership Policy

Former New York Times editor and Augusta National crusader Howell Raines must be happy, or at least happier: "Augusta National Golf Club, the private club that hosts the Masters and has come ...
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Times Golf Reporter Crouse Wants to 'Make a Stand,' Refuse to Cover Sexist Masters Tournament

Sorry, Masters golf tournament, you don't meet the exacting standards of feminist activist/golf writer Karen Crouse. The New York Times reporter is not done with her crusade against Augusta ...
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Networks Freak Out Over All Male Golf Club; Katie Couric Lectures: 'Get With the Program'

ABC and NBC could barely contain their contempt while covering the controversy over the all-male Augusta golf club. Katie Couric, guest anchoring Good Morning America on Thursday, lectured the ...
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On Eve of The Masters, the New York Times Again Takes a Club to Membership Policy of Augusta National 'Boys Club'

The New York Times is again trying to gin up a controversy over the men-only status of Augusta National Golf Club, host of The Masters golf tournament, after embarrassing itself over the issue ...

Washington Post Teed Off about Discrimination in Private Organization

As the Masters Tournament begins, Post mimics earlier Times.
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