Bashing Bachmann: A Review of Liberal Media's Most Obnoxious Attacks on the GOP Presidential Contender

Monday's official announcement by Republican Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann that she is running for the GOP nomination for President could spawn a whole new round of frenzied attacks by ...

On MSNBC, Rolling Stone's Taibbi Accuses Boehner & Tea Party of Racist 'Coded Language'

Appearing as a guest on Thursday's Countdown show on MSNBC, Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi accused Republican House Speaker John Boehner and Tea Party activists of racism in the form of using "coded ...

CNN's Parker-Spitzer Endorse Matt Taibbi's Anti-Tea Party Attack: 'Chasing Mexicans on Medicaid'

CNN's Kathleen Parker and Eliot Spitzer endorsed Matt Taibbi's bashing of conservatives on their Monday program. Spitzer marveled over the Rolling Stone editor's "brilliant" label of the Tea Party ...

Truth-Seeking with Lawrence O'Donnell and Matt Taibbi: Tea Party is 'Narcissistic,' 'Incredibly Stupid'

"What's the answer to the Tea Party racist question?" Galloping into the 10 p.m. Eastern time slot as the white knight of truth, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, host of The Last Word" challenged ...

Rolling Stone Reporter Uses Insults as Journalism Tactic

Matt Taibbi explains he is encouraged by magazine editors to make mundane policy issues like financial regulation reform interesting with 'name-calling.'

Sex, Violence and Hate: the Top 10 Most Disgusting Attacks on Conservative Women

As Women's History Month begins, a look at how the media treated conservative women in 2009.

Desperate for Guests? 'World News' Goes to Rolling Stone's Taibbi for Health Care Segment

Magazine contributing editor, who once said 'guy huffing glue' more sensible than Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, is ABC's 'progressive' voice on health care.
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