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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Trauma, Scars, Perspective

I wonder about scars, trauma, and old wounds

MediaWatch: May 17, 1999

Sex Lies Draw More News Than Policy Lies; NewsBites; Starr an Abuser, But Clinton No Harasser?; Bias of the Century; NBC's Different Look at Guns

MediaWatch: May 3, 1999

Colorado Tragedy Exploited for Politics; NewsBites; Short Shrift for Clinton's Contempt; MSNBC's Contrarian Take; French Day Care Touted; ABC Focused on Teen's Faith

MediaWatch: May 18, 1998

Failing to Assemble the Hubbell Puzzle; NewsBites: Handgun Haters; Forget Corruption, Pick on Dan Burton; ABC's of Helping Hubbell; 60 Minutes Assails Starr

Notable Quotables - 05/05/1998

MediaWatch: May 4, 1998

Only Conservatives Qualify as "Haters"; NewsBites; Scientists Don't Scare Viewers; We Knew Reagan Was Phony; Fox on China

MediaWatch: May 1997

Government Watchdogs' Spring Siesta; NewsBites: Schieffer Goes Soft; Revolving Door: Hubbell's Friend; Imaginary Accomplishments; Worries About Welfare Victims; Frontline Finally Arrives; Liberals ...

MediaWatch: May 1996

Trial? What Whitewater Trial?; NewsBites: TIME and TIME; Revolving Door: Snow on Sunday; Media Clique Clap for Clinton; CNN vs the GOP; NBC: Tough on Criminals?; Hugh Downs' Hate Radio; Janet ...

MediaWatch: May 1995

Network News Dominated by Arguements and Soundbites Against the GOP Contract; NewsBites: Brownout; Revolving Door: Burke's Back; McVeigh: Newt's Protege?; Hosts Blamed For Bombing; Welfare Reform ...

MediaWatch: May 1994

Amount, Tone of Scandal Coverage Markedly Different Than During the Reagan Era; NewsBites: Newsweek Loves the Times; Revolving Door: Formative 60's; First Lady Called "Candid" and "Responsive" ...
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