May Day

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Socialists: ‘Down with Capitalism!’ (Except for the Internet)

International May Day 2015 online rally relies on tools the free market helped create.
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May Day Protests Erupt in Violence: NBC Ignores, ABC and CBS Skip Socialist Connection

NBC's Today on Thursday completely skipped the violence associated with May Day protests in Seattle. CBS This Morning and ABC's Good Morning America covered the riots briefly, but ignored the ...
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This May Day: Media Fail to Acknowledge Any Downside of Socialism

More than 100 million deaths because of socialism, networks ignore them
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ABC Sanitizes May Day's Communist Ties, Touts the 'Traditional Day of Protest'

According to the reporters at Good Morning America, May Day is a "traditional day of protest," one in which members of the Occupy movement can get "fired up about." Reporter John Berman ...
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As Pope Draws Crowds in Cuba, NYT Suddenly Remembers Big Crowds Are Product of 'Intimidation,' 'Orchestration' and Coercion

The New York Times coverage of the Pope Benedict XVI's trip to the dictatorship of Cuba has a strange, cheap-shot emphasis on how Cuban crowds are coerced to attend such rallies, an ...
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