ABC Chastises 'Nasty' McCain for 'Vicious' Attack on Boxer, Not So Upset by Slap at O'Donnell as 'Nut Job'

"With just 16 days left, it is getting nasty out there," ABC reporter David Kerley asserted Sunday night, scolding Republican Senator John McCain because on the campaign trail he "dropped ...

Reagan and Goldwater Would Be Considered 'RINOs' Today, Says Meghan McCain; CNN Doesn't Challenge Her Claim

In a recent interview, Meghan McCain expressed concern that there will be a "bloodletting" in the GOP in the next election, because the party has no room for controversial socially liberal figures ...

The Times Splashes in the Shallow End with Meghan McCain, Brave Republican Rebel and Ugg Boots Wearer

Not a parody: Times writer Liesl Schillinger's praiss "Dirty Sex Politics," Meghan McCain's account of her father's 2008 presidential campaign. "Her book is not only a front-row view of one of the ...

Surprise! WaPo Hearts 'Irrepressible' Meghan McCain's Memoir

A chip off the ol' block - McCain book gives newspaper a club to beat conservatives.

Media Cast Liberal Republican Meghan McCain as 'Voice of Young Conservatives'

McCain claims to be 'in love' with the GOP and tries to tear it away from conservatives every chance she gets.

Olbermann Paints 'Tea Klux Klan' as Wanting to Bring Back Jim Crow Laws

On Tuesday's Countdown show, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann, referring to the recent Tea Party convention as the "Tea Klux Klan," painted members of the group as wanting to bring back Jim Crow laws as ...

Meghan McCain Calls Joe the Plumber a 'Dumb Ass;' MSNBC's Contessa Brewer Agrees

On Thursday, MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer reported on Meghan McCain calling Joe the Plumber a "dumb ass" for his views on homosexuality and remarked: "Is that name calling? Or, you know, if it ...

Capehart on MSNBC: GOP Now Must 'Skip a Generation and Wait for the Meghan McCains'

In the wake of the revelations about Mark Sanford, Washington Post editorial writer Jonathan Capehart declared on MSNBC: "Maybe what the Republican Party is going to have to do is skip a ...

Colbert To Meghan McCain, 'You're More Liberal Than President Obama!'

McCain continues to push Republicans to be more liberal on social issues.

ABC Highlights Republicans Questioning Conservative Social Views

Network highlights McCain's daughter and campaign manager taking liberal positions.
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