Melinda Henneberger

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Comparing Catholics Ryan and Biden, WaPo Columnist Chides Pro-Life “Fox News Bishops”

Raises false rift between liberal, conservative Catholics.
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WaPo Tells Parable of Activist Nun to Slam Catholic Hierarchy

Henneberger repeats tired tale of nuns vs. hierarchy, rewrites history.
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WaPo Writer Calls Vatican Disciplinary Action a ‘Crackdown on Nuns’

Columnist complains about “common garden power play” by Catholic hierarchy.
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Wash Post Journalist: 'Maybe the Founders Were Wrong' to Guarantee Free Exercise of Religion

Washington Post political writer Melinda Henneberger shockingly stated, Wednesday, that "maybe the Founders were wrong" to guarantee religious liberty. Henneberger appeared on Hardball to ...
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