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Dove’s Father’s Day Ad Goes Gay

Celebration of fatherhood incomplete without gay parents.
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SHIELD: Men Are Pigs

Man-hating. It's all the rage.
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CBS Trumpets Obama's Lead Among Women, Silent on Romney's Lead With Men

CBS News has talked quite about their latest poll released Tuesday, especially how Mitt Romney is trailing Barack Obama by 10 points among women voters -- bad news for the Republican, of ...
Media Research Center Celebrates Androgynous Japanese Ad

Cheers ‘changing way gender is portrayed in advertising.’
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CNN's Schneider Analyzes Gender Gap, Jokes 'Men Are Stupid'

Appearing as a panel member on Sunday's Melissa Harris-Perry show on MSNBC, CNN's senior political analyst, Bill Schneider, undermined the judgement of men versus women while analyzing the gender ...

CBS Jumps on the Anti-Marriage Bandwagon

Anchor, guests promote radical left-wing view that marriage is obsolete.

Glass Houses: Soros-Funded Alternet Accuses GOP of 'Treason'

But website's benefactor actively undermines U.S. position in world.

ESPN Turns from Sports to Gay-Marriage

From "Play of the Week" to contentious social issues.

Don't Call Her Ma'am: Natalie Angier's Latest Complaints Against the Male of the Species

Natalie Angier takes on the insulting honorific, then insults men: "Behind the link between 'ma'am' and 'old' is the familiar feminist observation that, whereas a man remains 'mister' and 'sir' ...

Down a Dark Abby

The Culture and Media Institutes analysis of Dear Abbys 2007 columns reveals that the worlds leading advice columnist cannot be trusted to promote traditional sexual morality but she can be ...
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