One Last Time: Defending Obama's Ties to Jeremiah ("God Damn America") Wright

Lame excuse for Obama from Michael Falcone: "After Sept. 11, 2001, [Rev. Jeremiah] Wright delivered a sermon suggesting that the terrorist attacks were a consequence of American foreign policy. ...

Ad Wars: Obama vs. Republicans. Guess Who the Times Favors?

More double standards: An Obama ad does "a compelling job" of tying McCain to George Bush, while a Republican ad is confusing and its effectiveness questionable.

Right-Wing Media Watchdogs Can't Handle the Truth

The Times lets the left-wing blogosphere redefine "traditional media" and put the badge of shame on Fox News while citing Keith Olbermann as an objective source.

The Times Makes Up More Myths About Liberal Hero Max Cleland

Did Max Cleland really lose "his bid for a second term in 2002 after a Republican television advertisement depicted him as unpatriotic." Watch the ad for yourself and decide.
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