Newsweek Ranks U.S. the 11th 'Best Country' - Bush's Fault, But Obama Can Stem the Slide

Newsweek, recently sold for one dollar by the Washington Post Company but still in its hands, ranked the United States 11th, just behind Denmark, in this week's "The Best Countries in the World" ...

Econ 101: Do We Need a New Theory of Market Stability?

Newsweek editor argues against free markets, but evidence suggests regulation was to blame for economic collapse.

Newsweek's Disrespectful Treatment of 'Amateur Econo-Cultist' Kemp

Two days after the death of GOP icon Jack Kemp, Newsweek Senior Editor Michael Hirsh posted a classless obituary on Monday, "The Dangers of Amateurism," calling the football player, politician, ...
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