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Obama the Compromiser vs. Pig-Headed Republicans

CBS fawns over Obama ("It seems to be all the compromising is being done by you...") while blaming Republicans for "much of the gridlock" in DC. Also, Chris Matthews suggests nominating Gingrich ...

NBC's Brokaw Touts 'Moderate' Iowan Standing Up to 'Hardline' GOP

On Tuesday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Tom Brokaw asked Perry, Iowa resident Eddie Diaz: "Were you accepted right away by the community?" Brokaw explained: "Diaz is a Perry high school ...

CNN's O'Brien Grills Bachmann But Hands Soft Interview to 'Occupy' Protesters

CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien has had a history of liberal bias ' to a scale approaching activism ' and she showed where her newest CNN show might be headed on Tuesday with a completely liberal ...

CBS's Hill to Bachmann: House GOP 'Risks Looking Like The Grinch'

CBS's Erica Hill invoked an infamous Christmas season villain on Wednesday's Early Show, stating that "[House] Republicans...risk looking like the Grinch here four days before Christmas" for their ...

NBC's Curry to Michele Bachmann: Has Boehner 'Lost All Control' of House GOP?

On Wednesday's NBC Today, co-host Ann Curry led off an interview with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann by wondering if House Speaker John Boehner was a liar or just incompetent: "Did House Speaker ...
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ABC's Morning Show Host Gets Chance to Jab GOPers in Primetime

Debate Moderator Stephanopoulos Hits Republican Candidates from the Left on Good Morning America

Loathing Conservative Christian Candidates

A new study from the MRC's Culture and Media Institute found a huge difference in TV coverage of the religious faith of Republican and Democrat presidential candidates. Does that surprise anyone?

CNN to Bachmann: Do You Regret Following God's 'Edict' to Run for President?

CNN's Carol Costello asked Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) on Tuesday if she "regretted" following God's "edict" to run for President.

In Same Day CNN Puts Bachmann Through Wringer, Puffs Up Huntsman

Was Brooke Baldwin's kid-glove treatment of candidate Jon Huntsman a harbinger of things to come in CNN's Tuesday night debate? The CNN host tossed the liberal media's favorite GOP candidate ...

CBS to Bachmann: Why Attack Newt for Cooperating With Pelosi?

On Wednesday's Early Show, CBS's Erica Hill pressed Rep. Michele Bachmann during an interview about her attack on Newt Gingrich for his notorious 2008 commercial with Nancy Pelosi on climate ...
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