CBS 'Early Show': Conservative O'Reilly 'Lashed Out' At 'Single Motherhood'

Late in the 7:00AM ET hour of Monday's CBS Early Show, correspondent Michelle Miller reported on the "war of words" between actress Jennifer Aniston and Fox News host Bill O'Reilly over women ...

CBS Continues to Defend Obama Vacation Time With Bush Comparison

Following a report on Saturday's CBS Evening News, in which White House correspondent Chip Reid defended President Obama's Maine vacation with a comparison to President Bush's vacation time, ...

CBS Touts Soda Tax As 'Good for Waistline and Bottom Line'

Concluding a report on proposed soda taxes across the country on Monday's CBS Evening News, correspondent Michelle Miller gleefully proclaimed how such a tax would help fight obesity and fill ...

Networks Darken 'Black Friday'

Broadcast journalists marginalize increased turnout, spending; focus on downbeat angles of holiday shopping.

'Evening News' Highlights Community Bank Success

CBS reports Vermont bank using common-sense standards of capitalism avoids financial crisis.
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