Michelle Obama, Role Model

Bleech: "Mrs. Obama has long been known as frank and down to earth."

Can You Tell The Comedy From The News?

Who's funnier: the president or his straight men in the media?

Matt, Meredith and Al 'Dazzled' by Michelle Obama's Night Out at the Met

NBC's Matt Lauer and Al Roker, on Tuesday's "Today" show, revealed they enjoyed a "nice" evening at the theater last night, in the presence of Michelle Obama, as she "dazzled New York City for a ...

A Fawning Frenzy For Michelle

Imagine being Laura Bush and turning on the television and watching the absolute deluge of sticky-sweet syrup being poured all over Michelle Obama during her European debut as First Lady.

Michelle to Young Girls: Aim for Vacuous Celebrity, Not Useful Productivity

The first lady sends a signal about what she considers acceptable ambition.

Michelle, My Belle

Reporter Rachel Swarns has pumped out four flattering pieces on the first lady in a month: "Michelle Obama, who has juggled news conferences and parent-teacher conferences..."

Obama Worship Not Just For Barack

Her husband may finally be facing scrutiny, but the media still faint for Michelle.

Michelle Obama's "Proud of My Country" Comment Again Dismissed

Just a "rhetorical stumble" used by "conservative" bloggers and columnists to attack her as "unpatriotic."

Michelle Obama, First Recessionista?

The new First Lady's fashion choices may be affordable in the eyes of the media but they still remain out of the budget of many average people.

NYT Styles Michelle Obama As "U.S. Fashion's One-Woman Bailout"

Can Michelle Obama single-handedly bail out the U.S. fashion industry? We can only hope.
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