MSNBC Host Rants: GOP Budget 'Does Not Respect Women's Rights...the Environment'

In an interview with Congressman Mike Pence on Friday, MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer slammed a Republican proposal to cut federal funding for Planned Parenthood and the Environmental Protection ...

MSNBC: Rep. Cohen Compares Mike Pence to Goebbels, No Challenge From Ed Schultz

On MSNBC's Ed Show on Thursday, despite initially regretting his comparison of Republicans to Nazis, Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen later doubled down: "[Indiana Congressman] Mike Pence talked ...

CNNMoney Misrepresents Rep. Mike Pence's Opposition to Tax Cut Deal

Senior writer claims tax cut deal is 'costliest stimulus, weakest payoff,' cites Congressman in liberal attack on tax cuts.

Lauer Pushes Pence to Compromise on Tax Deal

On Thursday's Today show, NBC's Matt Lauer pushed Mike Pence to compromise on the tax deal to get the measure passed before Christmas as he hectored the Indiana Republican Congressman that "there ...

Amanpour Presses Paul and Pence to Agree Taxes Must Be Raised, Trumpets Stockman's Crusade

Christine Amanpour spent much of Sunday's This Week arguing with her guests about how taxes must be raised - a theme also echoed on Face the Nation and Meet the Press - as she brought aboard the ...

Media Go Easy on Obama As He Reinvents, Extends TARP to Weeks before Midterm Elections

Network news shows barely report criticism of 'slush fund' tactics, although they criticized Paulson for 'bait-and-switch' in 2008.

Shuster Erupts -- Charges Congressman Misleading Public by Hiding Medicare is 'Government-Run'

MSNBC host repeatedly interrupts Rep. Mike Pence, suggests he is 'stoking' fear of government takeover of health care.

Chris Matthews Portrays GOP as Anti-Science

According to MSNBC host, not believing in evolution is a rejection of the scientific method.

MSNBC's O'Donnell Begs Congressman to Denounce Rush Limbaugh

Network's chief Washington correspondent attacks conservative talk show host for not supporting Democrat 'stimulus' package.
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