NBC's Taibbi Highlights Mitt Romney's Polygamist Ancestor and 'Controversial' Mormon Faith

In a report on Monday's Rock Center on NBC, correspondent Mike Taibbi described how Mitt Romney's ancestors settled in Mexico during the late 1800's: "Mitt has said and written almost nothing ...

NBC: Romney's Father a 'Poster Boy' for Dream Act, Given Family's Mexican Roots

On NBC's Rock Center on Monday, correspondent Mike Taibbi led the broadcast with a report on Mitt Romney's family roots in Mexico: "It's a little known fact that there's a whole branch of Mitt's ...

ABC Hypes 'Massive' OWS Protest and NBC Touts 'Huge Crowds,' But CBS Sees Just 'a Thousand'

ABC anchor David Muir hyped "masses of people taking to the streets here in New York City," before Dan Harris referenced "this massive protest march tonight" and "this big protest." Yet on CBS, ...

NBC Reporter Hails the 'Weary Resolve' of Wisconsin Protestors

NBC's Mike Taibbi, on Saturday's Today show, portrayed the pro-labor union protestors in Wisconsin in almost heroic terms as he hailed "The crowds of overnight campers and protestors keep up their ...

'Nightly News' Praises 'Victory' Over Home Depot

NBC News host lauds 'great story' about small-town hardware stores outlasting big box chain.

NBC Nightly News Blames the Schism Between Liberal and Conservative Episcopalians on Homosexuality

The network obscures the broader conflict within a church whose American leadership has repudiated traditional Christian beliefs about God and Scripture.
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