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TMI: Mindy Kaling ‘Love[s] Sex Scenes’

Actress says they can be ‘pretty damn enjoyable.’
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Hollywood Targets the Catholic Priest

It's safe to mock the Catholic priest as a sexual predator or a judgmental oaf. They are in the Hollywood bullseye at all times.
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Feminists Demand TV Agit-Prop

Fox star Mindy Kaling committed a gaffe among the Hollywood Left by telling a Flare magazine interviewer she had no plans to address what the magazine called “the American right’s current war ...
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Colbert joke! ‘Abortion’ is a ‘Funny Word’ – like ‘Guacamole’

Colbert discusses abortion with star Mindy Kaling.
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Hollywood Actress Mindy Kaling Confesses: I'm 'Weirdly Patriotic'

Here’s a real shocker. Someone in Hollywood confessing they are “patriotic.” Mindy Kaling, the star and creator of Fox’s The Mindy Project, admitted on Friday’s Charlie Rose show that she’s ...
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