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Yahoo Babbles Against Monogamous Marriage

The attack on one-man-one-woman continues.
Media Research Center

HuffPo: Monogamy is Killing Marriage

Sketchy, agenda-driven sociology argues men can't be faithful and shouldn't try.

Today Show Asks – Is Monogamy Realistic?

Shrink defends monogamy in surprisingly good segment.

Bill Clinton Inspired Monogamy-Bashing Book

Expecting fidelity from your spouse is a 'problem,' authors say

Joy Behar's View of Monogamy: 'A Life Sentence'

CNN talk show host discusses sex addiction and porn with adult film star, anti-porn pastor and psychiatrist.

Newsweek Writer: Open Marriages Key to Ending 'Cheating Scandals'

Tiger Woods' scandal prompts advertisement for alternative relationships.
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