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WaPo Contributor Complains Media Haven’t Discussed Mormonism

In spirit of ‘dialogue,’ poses ridiculous questions to Romney about his faith
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NBC: Romney Entered 'Lion's Den' of Liberty University That Has 'Big Problem' With Mormons

Early on Sunday's NBC Today, co-host Jenna Wolfe stirred division between Mitt Romney and  conservatives as she proclaimed: "[He] spoke at Liberty University, an evangelical school that's ...

NBC's Taibbi Highlights Mitt Romney's Polygamist Ancestor and 'Controversial' Mormon Faith

In a report on Monday's Rock Center on NBC, correspondent Mike Taibbi described how Mitt Romney's ancestors settled in Mexico during the late 1800's: "Mitt has said and written almost nothing ...

Networks Grill Perry on Jeffress and Religious 'Can of Worms' Opened on Campaign Trail

Texas Governor Rick Perry conducted interviews with all three network morning shows on Friday and all used controversial comments made by Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress as a line of attack. This ...

The Atheist Mormon-Trashing Musical

Perpetual immaturity from the creators of "South Park."

The "Cult" of Mitt Romney

The Christian Right distrusts Mitt Romney's Mormon beliefs - but liberals and mainstream media don't?
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