NYT's Occupy Wall Street Reporter-Supporter Proudly Throws Objectivity Overboard

She said it, we didn't: "I agree with every pundit who argues that I have no place in the mainstream media." - Natasha Lennard, NYT freelancer and Occupy Wall Street tactical advisor.

NYT's OWS Reporter Talks Shop With Radical Supporters, Pot-Shots Police

Lennard's comments, alternately post-modern and potty-mouthed, were peppered with potshots at the NYPD: " bloody face courtesy of New York's less than finest." Also, self-policing "is a risk ...

After Arrests, NYT Takes Seriously 'Occupy Wall Street' Claims of Police Trickery

Unlike the other local papers, the Times took seriously suggestions that the leftist folks of "Occupy Wall Street" were tricked into blocking the Brooklyn Bridge by cops: "The police say marchers ...
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