NBC: Dick Cheney 'One of the Most Controversial Figures of Our Time,' Did We Mention He's Controversial?

Thursday's NBC Today previewed an upcoming Dateline interview with Dick Cheney about his new memoir and labeled the former Vice President "controversial" three times in less than a minute. Co-host ...
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The Media's War Against Dick Cheney

The Liberal Press Has Mocked and Vilified Cheney's Conservatism and Terror-Fighting Policies for More than a Decade

NBC, CBS Skip Poll Showing Obama Tied or Losing to Republicans

The morning shows on NBC and CBS skipped a new Gallup poll finding Barack Obama either behind or tied with his Republican challengers. Only ABC's Good Morning America mentioned the stark numbers.

NBC: People on Martha's Vineyard 'Excited to Share Vacation' with Obama

On Saturday's NBC Today, White House correspondent Kristen Welker fawned over President Obama's 10-day excursion to Martha's Vineyard, declaring: "...his first public outing...A bookstore in ...

NBC Skips Obama's Major Shift on Immigration, Covers 500 Pound Pig

NBC has yet to cover a major shift by the Obama administration that would halt deportation of illegal immigrants who have not committed a crime. According to the Washington Times, up to 300,000 ...

Hypocritical Matthews Slams 'Nasty' Perry's Attacks on Obama

On his syndicated program, Sunday, Chris Matthews slammed Rick Perry for being too "nasty" to Barack Obama. The liberal host also wondered if the fact that Perry is not a Mormon gives southerners ...

NBC's Guthrie Urges Obama 'Go for Broke' with New Stimulus

In an interview with former press secretary and current Obama campaign advisor Robert Gibbs on Sunday's Meet the Press, substitute host Savannah Guthrie pushed the President from the left: "If the ...

NBC Spins for Obama Vacation: 'When Is There Ever a Good Time for a World Leader' to Take a Trip?'

NBC on Friday offered a light-hearted defense of Barack Obama's vacation, justifying it by pointing out how hard it is for world leaders to take trips.

NBC's Lauer Blames Continuing High Unemployment on Employer 'Discrimination'

On Wednesday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer teased an upcoming segment on unemployment by fretting: "And just ahead, help not wanted. If you're one of the 14 million Americans looking for work, ...
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