CNN's New Executive VP Argued Not Raising Taxes Hikes Deficit: 'Republican Numbers Do Not Add Up'

In picking Mark Whitaker, Washington Bureau Chief for NBC News, as its new Executive Vice President and Managing Editor, CNN has selected someone with a liberal outlook who presumes not raising ...

Ex-NBC Reporter Valeriani Bounds on Stage to Rail Against 'Obstructionist' GOP

"The Center for Public Integrity's 20th anniversary dinner at the Newseum was wrapping up Thursday night," the Washington Post's "The Reliable Source" column reported in Tuesday's newspaper, "when ...

NBC News: Oh Canada, We See So Many Upsides in Your Single-Payer Health Care

'Nightly News' finds time on broadcast to praise the benefits of the Canadian health care system while in Vancouver for Olympics.

"Racially Tinged Attacks" Against Obama at Huge Washington Rally?

Pity our poor president. Jeff Zeleny and Jim Rutenberg began their front-page story: "President Obama has long suggested that he would like to move beyond race. The question now is whether the ...
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