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Gloating Chris Hayes Suggests 'Neocons' Wanted 'Muscular Assertion of Military Dominance' Against Iran

On Monday's All In show on MSNBC, as he celebrated the "truly historic" news of President Obama's deal with Iran, Chris Hayes mocked "neocons"  for having a "dark day" and played the part of ...
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MSNBC's Hayes Compares Iran's Ahmadinejad Faction to Bush, 'Neocon Cowboy' 'Inflaming the World'

On Friday's All In show on MSNBC, as host Chris Hayes was joined by fellow MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow to gush over President Obama being the first American president since 1979 to speak with ...
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Say It Once, Say It Four Times, NYT: 'Neoconservatives'

Political reporter Jim Rutenberg, along with his headline writer, threw around the loaded term "neoconservative," a term most often used as an insult by leftists and the media, in his Sunday ...

Elisabeth Bumiller, Queen of the "Neo-Conservative" Label

Bumiller puts John McCain on the defensive in a foreign policy clash of wills, with "pragmatists" and realists on one side and "conservatives" and "neoconservatives" on the other.

Times Harps on McCain's "Embarrassing Mistake" on Al Qaeda

The paper won't let go of McCain's brief slip during Tuesday's questioning of Gen. David Petraeus when he described Al Qaeda as Shiite, and immediately corrected himself.

Hypocritical Book Critic Bashes "Anti-Intellectual" Bushies

Michiko Kakutani on U.S. anti-intellectualism: "For more than a decade there have been growing symptoms of this affliction, from fundamentalist assaults on the teaching of evolution to the Bush ...
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