It Begins: Nevada GOP Winner and Tea Party Favorite a 'Far-Right Conservative'

Jennifer Steinhauer take on Sharron Angle, winner of the Nevada Republican primary: "...firmly to the right of most mainstream Nevada voters...Among her detractors and her supporters she is known ...

Zernike: Will Tea Party Blow Chance to Beat Harry Reid?

Zernike finds possible weak point in Tea Party movement, spends half a story on it: "Still, while polls suggest that Mr. Reid may lose his bid for re-election, it could be in spite of the Tea ...

Carl Hulse Accuses Nevada GOP of 'Swiftboating' Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Carl Hulse reports on a Nevada GOP accusation against Sen. Harry Reid by using the Swift Boats Veterans for Truth as a synonym for lying: "Sensing a possible Swiftboat attack, the Reid campaign ...

GOP Taking Unfair Advantage of Biden's "Off-the-Cuff Remarks"

Question for reporter Larry Rohter (pictured): If Biden says the exact same thing about an inexperienced Obama being tested by an international crisis on two consecutive days, just how ...

'Evening News' Blames U.S. Economy for Reno's 'Tent City'

CBS's series highlights worst-case, hard-luck situation to show financial mess hitting home.

English-Only Measure Burnishes Town's Image as "Old West Backwater"

The Times fires some cheap shots at "anti-immigration" legislation in Pahrump, Nevada.
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