Gail Collins Desperately Throwing VA, NJ Democrats Under the Bus to Aid Obama

Columnist Gail Collins desperately wants to convince people that the big Democratic losses in New Jersey and Virginia last Tuesday don't have the slightest thing to do with Barack Obama or his agenda.

Nagourney: Don't Let Election Results Fool You, G.O.P. Still Has Problems

Chief political reporter Adam Nagourney continues to forward liberal conventional wisdom on the impact of the Republican victories of Election 2009.

Adam Nagourney Encapsulates Liberal Conventional Wisdom on Election 2009

Chief political reporter Adam Nagourney modeled the paper's conventional wisdom on Campaign 2009 perfectly, emphasizing all three of the Times' campaign themes: The Republicans won by appearing ...

GOP Won With Moderation, Is Ripping Itself Apart, & These Elections Don't Even Matter (Unless Dems Win)

Coverage of the governors' races in New Jersey and Virginia and the congressional race in New York was dominated by three themes: The Republicans won by appearing moderate; there are deep ...

Times Downplays Possible Dem Losses in Virginia, NJ - But It Was Bigger Deal in 2005

The last time the governorships of Virginia and New Jersey were up for grabs was 2005, when "stinging" GOP losses meant "President Bush's political standing has fallen." This year it's the Dems ...

ABC Buries Democratic IDs in Story on Massive Dem Corruption in NJ

ABC's Ron Claiborne on Saturday managed to file a report on vast Democratic corruption in the state of New Jersey and, at the same time, not once use the word Democrat. While reporting on an ...

Nets Fail to ID Party of Pols Arrested in NJ; CNN Misleads Its Viewers

As usual, the network evening newscasts all failed to point out the party affiliation of the major New Jersey office-holders the FBI arrested Thursday for corruption. As AP pointed out, all but ...

Meet An "Ultraconservative" in New Jersey

Times reporters never use the term "ultraliberal" to describe politicians, but Steve Lonegan, a former mayor running in the New Jersey Republican gubernatorial primary, was called ...

Big Government in an Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny Bikini

The nanny state waxes huge.

Corzine 'Not Going to Say Never' to Treasury Position

CNBC 'Squawk Box' host tells New Jersey governor he 'could save the world.'
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