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NY Times Public Editor: Soft IRS, Benghazi Coverage Lends Credence to Conservative Criticism

Public editor Margaret Sullivan criticized her paper's soft coverage of the Obama scandals in Benghazi and the Internal Revenue Service: "Many on the right -- as noted last week in my blog posts ...
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Another 'Conservative'-Crammed Story on the Koch Brothers from the New York Times

New York Times reporter Nicholas Confessore issued another densely labeled story on Wednesday, the latest warning about the Times' prime pair of conservative bogeymen, billionaire businessmen and ...
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NY Times' Nicholas Confessore Goes Label-Happy in Expose of CPAC Sponsor

A report on the American Conservative Union by Times reporter Nicholas Confessore -- who previously wrote for the liberal journals Washington Monthly and American Prospect -- was marred by ...
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NYT's Front Page Features Paternalistic Liberal Take on Minority Groups Against NYC Soda Ban

New York Times campaign finance reporter Nicholas Confessore's front-page story took a liberal angle on a judge striking down New York City's controversial new regulation banning large soda ...
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Romney Can't Win on Taxes in NYTimes: 'Responds to Pressure,' Overpayment Contradicts 'His Own Past Assertions'

On taxes, Mitt Romney just can't win: "But forgoing the full deductions available to him put him at odds with his own past assertions that he had never paid more taxes than he owed and his ...
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