ABC Buries Harsh Kennedy Obit, One That Labels Him a 'Failure,' in the Middle of the Night

In the early hours of Wednesday, reporter John Donvan narrated a tough, comprehensive look at the life of Ted Kennedy, one that went so far as to assert that the Senator was sometimes "a let down, ...

ABC's Terry Moran: 'Happy Warrior' Kennedy Brought 'Joy'; Ignores Nasty Bork Speech

ABC's Terry Moran on Wednesday spun Ted Kennedy's political career as one of a "happy warrior" who should be looked to for direction in "these bitter times." However, it's hard to square this ...

ABC's Nightline Celebrates Sotomayor's 'Jackie Robinson Moment'

ABC's "Nightline" on Thursday celebrated Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation to the Supreme Court as a "Jackie Robinson moment" and also highlighted cheering crowds at an event put on by the left-wing ...

ABC's Pierre Thomas Quizzes AG Holder on Race; Skips 'Nation of Cowards' Quote

ABC's Pierre Thomas landed an exclusive interview with Eric Holder on Wednesday's Nightline, quizzing the Attorney General on race relations in America. Somehow, however, the reporter managed to ...

ABC Obsessed with Alternative Sexual Lifestyles

Network's focus on sex does not leave room for critics.

Nightline: 'Your Brain is Hijacked by Food'

ABC calls out the food police to combat 'conditioned hypereating.'

Terry Moran's Big Scoop: Obama 'Prays All the Time'

Wrapping up a preview of his day with President Obama for Thursday's Nightline, ABC's Terry Moran informed World News anchor Charles Gibson: "I also took the opportunity at this juncture to ask ...

Devil in the Details

ABC hosts debate about the existence of Satan, but fails to find Christian authority on the topic.

Hookers for Jesus: ABC Presents Respectful Picture of Reformed Vegas Prostitutes

Hats off to ABC for a balanced and informative segment about converted call girls who have turned to religion.

Like a Mama Bear, Networks Protect Obama from His Down Market

Stock market reports ignore president's influence or defend him against criticism, but gave credit for March 4, Election rallies.
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