Science Fiction

5 Years After: Networks Celebrate Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth,' Ignore Scientific Flaws, Criticism

Krugman Touts His Influence as a NYT Columnist on Obama Policy Decisions

Nobel Prize-winning journalist admits he's enjoying opining more about the financial crisis than bashing Bush.

Krugman Blames Bush for Harsh Treatment from Critics

NYT columnist and Nobel laureate ignores possibility critics take issue with his liberal philosophy and socialist recommendations.

Gore Wins Nobel Prize for Sexy, According to Wash. Post

Climate change campaigner dubbed 'the thinking girl's thoroughbred' in steamy Style section tribute.

U.N. Panel Sharing Nobel Prize Is Fundamentally Flawed, Expert Says

Media have latched on to Gore's award, but the IPCC has received little scrutiny despite its faulty economic calculations.
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