Cohen Smears Palin, Gingrich, Other 'Ideological Fellow Travelers' of Norway Mass Murderer

Roger Cohen smears Sarah Palin, shows his ignorance: "When Jared Loughner shot Representative Gabrielle Giffords this year in Tuscon [sic], Arizona - after Sarah Palin placed rifle sights over ...

Networks Trumpet News of 'Christian' Killer, But Balked Over Labeling Muslim Violence

The three major networks trumpeted the news this weekend that the man behind a mass shooting spree in Norway is also a Christian, highlighting the fact in eight different programs from Saturday ...

Times Highlights Tenuous 'Anti-Muslim' U.S. Links to Norway Terrorist on Front Page

Scott Shane: "...the mass killings in Norway, with their echo of the 1995 bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City by an antigovernment militant, have focused new attention around the ...

NYT Sees More Danger After 'Christian Extremist' Attack in Norway; Found 'Understanding' for Muslim Bombers of London in 2005

While the Times showed no reluctance to identify the lone gunman in the Norway attacks as a "Christian extremist" in a front-page headline and hinted at more danger from "right-wing extremists" in ...

Obama's Tradition of 'Favoring Pragmatism Over Absolutes'

The return of the pragmatic big-spending liberal, Barack Obama, at the Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in Norway.

Gore Wins Nobel Prize for Sexy, According to Wash. Post

Climate change campaigner dubbed 'the thinking girl's thoroughbred' in steamy Style section tribute.

Senate Could Vote Soon on Return of U.N. Sea Treaty Reagan Opposed

Law of the Sea Treaty still 'threatens U.S. sovereignty,' despite limited media attention.
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