Hailing Kennedy As Defender of Senate Ideals, While Ignoring Bork Smear

Sheryl Gay Stolberg frets about a "coarser, more partisan" Senate while paying tribute to Kennedy, ignoring how Kennedy himself contributed to the coarseness with his demagogic attack on Supreme ...

Ted Kennedy "Attended Mass Every Day in the Year After His Mother's Death"

Profile reporter Mark Leibovich goes on for three paragraphs about Kennedy's Catholicism without mentioning his flaunting of church teachings in his strong support of abortion: "In recent years, ...

Kristof Omits Left-Wing Affiliation of Insurance Company Insider

Columnist Nicholas Kristof left off the fact that his health-care hero turned universal-care advocate, former health insurance executive Wendell Potter, is working for the avowedly left-wing ...

Editor: Mag Readers Aren't Liberal, Just Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Gay, and Pro-Social Spending

Times Magazine editor Gerald Marzorati says his magazine isn't necessarily on the left, but "reflects a place where women have professional ambition, where immigrants are welcome, and where gay ...

Ted Kennedy Obit Avoids the Jesse Helms Treatment

Liberal Sen. Ted Kennedy was "one of the most effective lawmakers in the history of the Senate," while conservative Sen. Jesse Helms's "mossy drawl barely masked a hard-edged conservatism that ...

Adam Clymer in Full Swoon Over Ted Kennedy's Legacy

Adam Clymer, who wrote a supportive biography of Sen. Ted Kennedy, defended Kennedy from a hostile questioner: "If you voted at 18 or were served Meals on Wheels or took advantage of a Medicare ...

Pro-Obama-Care "Grassroots Advocates" - Controlled by the DNC

Advice for reporter Katharine Seelye: If pro-Obama "grassroots advocates" are operating "under the aegis of the Democratic National Committee," they aren't really "grassroots advocates."

Times Tries (and Fails) to Rebut Fact Obama-Care Will Pay for Abortions

Reporter Katharine Seelye quotes not one but two Planned Parenthood staffers to rebut a Family Research Council claim that taxpayers would have to pay for abortions.

Paul Krugman: Hey, Let's Not Get "Hysterical" Over $9 Trillion Deficit

Not so bad, at least compared to what it was during the biggest military conflict in world history.

Times Puts "Calm" Conservative Opponent of Obama-Care on Front Page

Surprise: Reporter Kevin Sack treated conservative concerns about health-care rationing with respect.
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