CNN Guest Compares OWS to Boston Tea Party

CNN guest and "community organizer" Sally Kohn compared the Occupy Wall Street movement to the Boston Tea Party on Wednesday's American Morning. When asked about "fair criticisms" of the movement ...

Liberal Mayors Continue to Rail Against Occupiers; Reporters Now Highlight Crime, Squalor

Now that Democratic mayors have turned on the Occupy Wall Street crowd, several media outlets have adopted a more critical tone, highlighting crime and squalor at such protests. A front-page ...

Top Editor Abramson Promises To Get to 'Heart' of Occupy Issues Like 'Income Inequality'

Executive Editor Jill Abramson promised the Times was "proceeding on multiple fronts with stories that get at the heart of the issues that OWS brings up - income inequality, the lingering effects ...

CNN Asks Protester If OWS Rivals Civil Rights Movement

CNN's Poppy Harlow asked an Occupy Wall Street protester on Tuesday if the movement was "at that scale" of the civil rights movement, and if the cause was "as important" as civil rights.

NYT's Occupy Wall Street Reporter-Supporter Proudly Throws Objectivity Overboard

She said it, we didn't: "I agree with every pundit who argues that I have no place in the mainstream media." - Natasha Lennard, NYT freelancer and Occupy Wall Street tactical advisor.

CNN Hypes Musician Playing 'Occupy' Song at Obama Dinner

Multiple times on Tuesday, CNN touted a musician who quietly played a song about Occupy Wall Street at an APEC dinner attended by President Obama and other world leaders.

Times Watch Quotes of Note - Occupy Troublemakers Merely Fringe, But Tea Party 'Responsible for the Behavior of People' at Rallies

Plus: "For Children's Sake, Taking to the Streets" at Occupy Wall Street, Opinion Editor 'Alarmed' at 'Right Wing' Pushback on Cain Story, and GOP "a Danger to Itself and to the Country."

NBC and CBS Give Scant Coverage to Deadly Shootings at Occupy Wall Street Protests; ABC Ignores

On Friday, both NBC's Today and CBS's The Early Show offered news briefs on two deadly shooting incidents at two separate Occupy Wall Street protests Thursday night, while ABC's Good Morning ...

CBS Plays Up Crosby, Nash Concert for 'Occupy,' Ignores Violence

Elaine Quijano continued CBS's consistently glowing coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement on Wednesday's Early Show by spotlighting how two-thirds of Crosby, Stills, and Nash gave a concert ...
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