Obama's Latest Rhetorical Triumph: 'I Was Wrong' (Not to Clean House Quicker After Corrupt Bush Administration)

Obama triumphs by blaming Bush? Peter Baker: "President Obama uttered three words on Thursday that many of his 43 predecessors twisted themselves into knots trying with varying degrees of success ...

Nets Embrace 'Did You Plug the Hole Yet, Daddy?' Anecdote to Humanize Obama

The White House press corps just loved President Obama's press conference anecdote ("When I woke up this morning, and I'm shaving and Malia knocks on my bathroom door and she peeks in her head and ...

Andrea Mitchell: Obama's Slow Reaction to Oil Spill Is Surprising Because Administration Is 'So Intellectual'

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell on Thursday attempted to critique Barack Obama's handling of the oil spill, but felt it necessary to point out how "intellectual" and "focused" the administration usually is.

Media Double Standard on Gulf Coast Disasters

MRC Study: Networks Pounced on Bush Right After Katrina, but Obama Granted Four Weeks of Breathing Space

CBS Grills BP Official, Lobbed Softballs at Energy Secretary

On Friday's CBS Early Show, co-host Maggie Rodriguez interrogated BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles on the Gulf oil spill: "Can you can understand why a Congressman told us that BP has lost ...

CBS Allows Obama Official to Shift Oil Spill Blame to BP; NBC, ABC Morning Shows Grill Salazar

Early Show's Harry Smith on Thursday conducted a softball interview with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, allowing the Obama official to pass the oil spill blame to BP. He tossed this easy question ...

Media Favor Regulation, Barely Notice Failures of Regulators

From the government's 'cozy' relationship with BP, to the SEC's failure to catch Madoff; networks attack businesses, but not regulators for mistakes.

ABC's George Stephanopoulos Marvels That Obama Is 'Largely Escaping Blame' for Oil Spill

Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos on Friday cited a new poll and marveled to viewers that Barack Obama "is largely escaping blame for his handling of the [oil spill] crisis." Reporter ...

CBS's Rodriguez Urges John Kerry to Denounce Offshore Oil Drilling

In an interview with Senator John Kerry on Wednesday's CBS Early Show on the Gulf Coast oil spill, co-host Maggie Rodriguez hit from the left on new energy legislation proposed by the ...
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