Oliver Stone Not Leftist Enough for Economics Writer Joe Nocera

"The greed that Mr. Stone so vividly conveyed in his first 'Wall Street' movie got completely out of hand. Much of the trading that went on in the prelude to the crisis was almost nihilistic, ...

Oliver Stone's Foot in Mouth Disease

When Oliver Stone addresses Adolf Hitler, he wants to "broaden" his reputation. He's a "Frankenstein," but U.S. and other corporations were the "Dr. Frankenstein." He's never met a truth he ...

Media Ignore Oliver Stone's Anti-Jewish Rant, Bashed Mel Gibson for His

Networks, liberal writers, Hollywood mum about director's anti-Semitism.

Oliver's Ugly America

Oliver Stone so adores Hugo Chavez he can't see the obvious: he couldn't make his crude president-bashing films in Hugo's Venezuela. Why doesn't Hollywood recognize the liberty America grants them?

Oliver Stone Lauds Hugo Chavez, Criticizes Action Against Iran on ABC's GMA

Liberal director Oliver Stone revealed his anti-American bent on Monday's Good Morning America, praising the rise of mainly left-wing leaders across South America and even went so far to support ...

Oliver Stone Made 'Wall Street' Sequel Because Capitalism Caused a 'collapse of our society.'

Left-wing director is the latest to proclaim the death of capitalism.

Oliver Stone, Lousy Historian

Movie director Oliver Stone said on HBO that Ronald Reagan was a dumb "SOB." Historians and Reagan aides say the dumb one is the man from Hollywood.

Oliver Stone: 'Reagan Was a Dumb Son of a Bitch' Who Spawned Bush

Film producer/director Oliver Stone declared on Friday night's edition of HBO's Real Time that "Reagan was a dumb son of a bitch" and "I really think George W is dumber," but he won't create a ...
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