Justice and Decency

The Obama administration can't be expected to notice that polls show that most Americans think they're too much sex, profanity, and violence on TV - and a majority support FCC fines to curb it.

Powerful Interests vs. Ordinary Citizens

The president thinks the next Supreme Court justice should heed the voices of ordinary citizens. But is that what Justice Stevens or the others did when powerful Hollywood dumped gratuitous sex, ...

GMA: Is Victoria's Secret Too Sexy?

ABC un-coverage crams dozens of semi-dressed models and naked body parts into two minutes of morning television news.

Paris Hilton to Make Pokey Time Pay Off

For 25 days or so of indignity the heiress will turn over a quick million bucks, thanks to checkbook journalism. Has NBC lost its collective mind?

Hilton's Slammer Syndrome

Judge does not like Paris in the springtime.

Paris Hilton Now 'Jailed' in the Lap of Luxury

Whatever happened to Paris proving she could serve the time 'the right way?'

Press Release: Paris Hilton Goes to Jail

MRC's Culture and Media Institute Applauds Hilton for Finally Taking Personal Responsibility for Actions

REAL Simple Life Awaits Paris

Heiress pays consequences with jail stint, finally provides a worthwhile lesson for the public.

Celebrity Media, Heal Thyself

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