Reporter Goes Gay Bar-Hopping in Beirut

Ever wanted to know more about the gay scene in Beirut? No? Well it's there anyway, on the front page of the Times travel section, in a bar-hopping story by reporter Patrick Healy.

Seedy "Rent" for High Schoolers? Sure, Why Not

Patrick Healy's story featuring the heroic Ron Martin, high school drama teacher extraordinaire: "This is the first time I've chosen a show for the high school because I had an agenda. In this ...

NYT: Everyone Loves Michelle Obama; Her "Proud" Gaffe Needs Context

Patrick Healy is quick to put Michelle Obama's "proud of America" gaffe in context and suggest it's a discredited charge. The Times didn't give Cindy McCain quite that kind of consideration.

Sarah Palin's Clothing: Front-Page News

The hard-news Times even compiled a slide show of Palin's outfit, complete with snarky commentary: "But looking at the before-and-after photos, it was not readily apparent what Ms. Palin got from ...

McCain "Inconsistent and Testy" and Looked "a Little Strange" in Debate

Patrick Healy mocks McCain's debate performance two days after chiding Sarah Palin's speechmaking and her supporters, saying that McCain's performance went downhill when he "refused to let the ...

Snickering at Palin's Simplistic Patriotism

Patrick Healy thinks Sarah Palin's "partisan zeal" and "with-us-or-against-us message" could "repel some independent voters," and her speeches have "holes in logic." Does the gaffe machine Joe ...

It's Official: Any Criticism of Obama Now Racially Suspect

The short version of Patrick Healy's piece: Every criticism a Republican makes against Obama, from saying he's "not one of us" to his relationship to Bill Ayers, is racially questionable.

"Hostile," "Angry" Crowds Cheer on McCain-Palin

Does this imply that Obama nation has nothing but lovely feelings for John McCain and Sarah Palin?

Obama's Problem: He's Too Reaganesque

Snark: Obama borrowed "from a leader who talked a great deal about sunny days but very little about the budget deficits and debt that flowed from his policies."

Supreme Labeling Imbalance: Still No Liberals to Be Found

Patrick Healy's piece on the future of the Supreme Court is actually a sharp improvement over a previous Times story that labeled "conservatives" on 18 occasions and liberals not once.
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