Times Ignores Sen. Reid's Patriot Act Hypocrisy, Embraces the Act in Obama Era

The Times has certainly become more comfortable with the Patriot Act since the Bush administration: "Patriot Act Battle Could Hinder Investigators." But a 2005 story on extending a Patriot Act ...

Network Double Standard: Obama's TSA Gropers vs. Bush's NSA Eavesdroppers

While the broadcast networks have generally empathized with the distress of airline passengers over TSA's intrusive airport searches, they have not impugned the Obama administration as launching a ...

"Civil Libertarians" NYT's New Euphemism for Liberals

Legal reporter Charles Savage breaks it out several times in a story to describe opposition to provisins of the Patriot Act. Savage uncovered no "liberal" opponents but did locate "fierce ...

Times Uses Librarian Obit to Bash "Insidious Portion" of Patriot Act

Plus: The Times calls a single group "ultraconservative" 15 times but has only used the term "ultraliberal" to describe any liberal group once.

Critic Works "Extreme" Patriot Act Criticism Into Review of Oppenheimer Doc

TV critic Mike Hale: "And the more extreme features of the Patriot Act may come to mind when witnessing some of the tactics used in the campaign to smear [J. Robert] Oppenheimer and remove ...

"Public Lives" of Liberals - Times Adores a George Soros Activist

The Times uses its "Public Lives" profile to praise a George Soros liberal.

Montana's Daily-Kos Democrat As A "Prairie Pragmatist"

Timothy Egan: "...the senator-elect from Montana truly is your grandfather's Democrat - a pro-gun, anti-big-business prairie pragmatist whose life is defined by the treeless patch of hard Montana ...

Notable Quotables - 11/06/2006

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