PBS's Meacham: Why 'Lionize' Reagan Who 'Treated the Poor Poorly'?

On Friday's Need to Know program on PBS, co-host Jon Meacham - formerly of Newsweek - seemed to agree with HBO filmmaker Eugene Jarecki's characterization of former President Ronald Reagan as ...

Newsweek's Thomas: GOP 'Selling Smoke and Mirrors,' Peterson Mocks 'Free Lunch'

On Friday's Inside Washington on PBS, host Gordon Peterson used the term "free lunch" to mock Republicans who wish to avoid tax increases while trying to restrain the federal budget deficit. ...

Gordon Peterson Suggests Dream Act Would Pass if Illegal Immigrants 'Looked Like Norwegians'

On Friday's Inside Washington on PBS, during a discussion of President Obama's failure to secure passage of the Dream Act in the Senate, after panel member Evan Thomas of Newsweek asserted that ...

Krauthammer on 'Inside Washington' Bias: 'Tag Team Wrestling In Which I Don't Have A Team'

Appearing on Tuesday's O'Reilly Factor on FNC, columnist Charles Krauthammer described his role on the political panel show 'Inside Washington': "...it's a very liberal show....it's tag team ...

PBS's New Government-Funded Eco-Indoctrination Cartoon for Kids

Show warns children about hazards of juice boxes, magazines, too many toys.

CNN's Toobin Sees 'Conservative Judicial Activism' on Supreme Court, 'Very, Very Conservative' Justice Roberts

Appearing as a guest on Monday's Charlie Rose show on PBS, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin seemed to misunderstand conservative complaints about judicial activism as he seemed to suggest that ...

Biden's Job Prediction Falls 5.2 Million Short of Obama's Promise

VP claims 1.4 million jobs as victory, 'trouble in paradise' for GOP.

Tavis Smiley's Outrage

PBS host Tavis Smiley insisted Christians commit deadly violence "every single day in this country." Anyone in charge of journalistic integrity at PBS should see this as a blazing inaccuracy, in ...

The Times Salutes Bill Moyers, Hard-Left 'Lion of PBS,' Finds Few Critics

The paper's usual labeling imbalance was on display in how it treated left-wing vs right-wing critics of PBS.
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