A Very NYT Thanksgiving: An Interfaith Service 'Transcending' Christianity for Woody Guthrie

Peter Applebome honors the vaguely Unitarian left."George Jones is God...You heard that from a rabbi."

Columnist: GOP Women Won 'While Espousing Far-Right, Far-Out Ideas'

Columnist Peter Applebome, not so cheerful about Republican women winning big last Tuesday: "Last week's primaries were a great moment for women in American politics, an inspiring reminder that ...

Stalinist Paul Robeson Again Hailed As a "Giant of the Civil Rights Movement"

Columnist Peter Applebome devotes a single sentence to actor-singer Paul Robeson's Stalinism, then ludicrously calls Robeson an "uncompromising human rights advocate."

Times' Columnist Attacks "Demonization" of Innocent Duke Players

Was sports columnist Selena Roberts listening?
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