Obama's Gaffes in Moscow Almost Ignored

Obama made multiple verbal gaffes while in Moscow, including misremembering his daughter's age and where he met his wife. Times coverage? A single paragraph. Would George W. Bush have gotten the ...

HuffPost's Nico Pitney No "Administration Plant," But Jeff Gannon Was

Peter Baker of the New York Times on the Nico Pitney planted question controversy: "Here is the dirty little secret about White House news conferences: The president almost always knows the ...

NYT Finds Plenty of "Conservatives" in Sotomayor Fight, Never Calls Her Liberal

As close as reporters Peter Baker and Jeff Zeleny got to admitting the obvious: "If confirmed to succeed Justice David H. Souter, a mainstay of the liberal wing who is retiring, Judge Sotomayor ...

Times Sees War on Terror Through Obama's "Nuanced" Eyes

But Dick Cheney is an "absolutist": "In his rebuttal speech across town, former Vice President Dick Cheney in effect argued that absolutism in the defense of liberty was no vice."

Times Sneers Some "Angry" Pro-Life Obama Opponents "Not Even Catholic"

How dare they defend life without proper religious bona fides! "Many demonstrators had no affiliation with Notre Dame and were not even Catholic," reporter Peter Baker writes, to discredit ...

Did the Times Bury an Inconvenient Torture Memo Story?

The paper relegated its hit Tuesday story, indicating harsh interrogation methods had proven effective in understanding Al Qaeda, to five paragraphs of a separate story in Wednesday's ...

As the Times Turns: Obama "More Enervating Than Energizing"

The Times holds the hagiography in its coverage of Obama's "professor-in-chief" prime-time press conference.

McCain's "Strong Economy" vs. Obama's "Sound Economy"

When John McCain claimed "the fundamentals of our economy are strong," the Times hammered him as out of touch and ignorant about economics. How will they treat Obama's almost-identical statement?

Goldilocks Obama?

"...he has been a font of cool confidence, never too hot, never too cold, seemingly undaunted by the magnitude of troubles awaiting him and unbothered by the few setbacks that have tripped him up."

Did "Hyperpartisan" Era Really Begin With Clinton's Impeachment?

Peter Baker's partisanship timeline conveniently ignores the unfair treatment by liberals of Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas.
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