Great Minds Think Alike, and So Do Times Legal Reporters

Charlie Savage on Justice Stevens, April 9: "In cases involving prisoners held without charge at the American naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and the mentally retarded on death row, his ...

Fabricator Jayson Blair on Race and Merit

Disgraced New York Times fabricator Jayson Blair at Washington and Lee University said race wasn't a major factor in his rise and fall at the Times. This from someone whose Times-bashing memoir ...

Dowd Lifts Anti-War Talking Points From "Talking Points" Blog

Columnist Maureen Dowd is in trouble again for misusing quotes. This time it's a paragraph in her latest column clearly lifted from a liberal blog, the ironically named Talking Points Memo.

Nets Ignore Michelle Obama's Lack of Pride in America

News shows do cover Barack Obama's insignificant plagiarism spat with Hillary Clinton.

A Radical Silence

Nets either ignore far left professor's dismissal, or mischaracterize him as a martyr.
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