Bad Polls for Obama; CBS Finds Bright Spots, NBC Skates Over Devastating Judgment

CBS and NBC released polls Wed. that illustrated how the public is moving against President Obama on health as his overall approval fell to its lowest-ever level. But while both conveyed the bad ...

NBC Chafes Obama's Honeymoon Over, But 'It's Not Personal, It's Professional'

"The honeymoon is coming to an end for President Obama," NBC's Chuck Todd fretted Wed. night in summarizing a NBC poll. "But," he rebounded, "it's not personal. It's professional as now the public ...

CNN Provides 'Election Edition' Exception to Media's Pro-Obama Coverage

'Your $$$$$' co-hosts go out of their way in attempt to balance air time for Democrat and Republican analysts.

Networks Obsess Over Polls, Limit Substantive Coverage

'Big three' cover campaign horse race, surveys nearly eight times more than policy proposals.

And the Winner Is ... Anyone but the Media

Journalists refuse to believe any link between industry collapse, liberal bias.

The Nation Describes 'Rich Old White Men' as the 'Problem'

Liberal magazine cites New York Times-CBS News poll that labels annual income of $50,000 'rich' and over 45 'old.'

Charles Barkley Predicts 'Reverse Bradley Effect'

Former NBA star says race will play role on Election Day, but thinks some may look beyond because Obama presidency benefits them economically.

Only 25 Percent See Global Warming Threat

ABC poll finds few Americans see climate change as environment's biggest threat, more trust business than government to address problems.

Conservative Groups "Packaging 9/11" to Help Bush

Janet Elder claims conservatives are taking advantage of the "murky understanding" of voters who think Saddam was involved in 9-11. But what of the poll showing 1/3 of Democrats think Bush was ...

Increase in Iraq War Support Baffles Times' Pollsters

The Times actually did another poll and got the same result. Would the Times have questioned the apparent anomaly if it had gone the other way?
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