NBC's Lauer Cites Left-Wing Columnist to Slam Gingrich's 'Controversial' Comments About Poor

In an interview with Donald Trump on Monday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer hit Newt Gingrich for pointing out that poor inner city children lack role models: "He made some controversial comments ...

On Front Page, Times Admits Poverty Problem Overstated for Years

But reporter Jason DeParle once condemned Bill Clinton for signing a welfare reform bill that "begrudges poor infants their Pampers."

Martin Bashir Worries Puppet Will Starve Thanks to Evil Republicans

Touting Sesame Street's newest muppet character, a young girl living in poverty, MSNBC host Martin Bashir on Wednesday slammed Republican efforts to curb spending and urged: "...perhaps they do ...

With Poverty on the Rise, NBC Urges More Welfare Spending; No Blame for Obama

On Friday's NBC Today, correspondent Tom Costello described how "Nearly one in six Americans is living in poverty. 16 million are children. That's 3 million more than three years ago." However, ...

PBS's Tavis Smiley Claims 2011 Budget Deal 'An Immoral Document'

As part of the political panel on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday, PBS host Tavis Smiley decried the recent budget deal in Congress to fund the government through the rest of 2011: "I believe that ...

Documentary Review: The Answer to Third World Poverty is Capitalism

Airing tonight, Oct. 8, 'The Power of the Poor' illustrates how property rights and legal reform improves lives and defeats tyranny.

Dear LA Times: Foreign Aid Holds Developing Nations Back

Why do you assume such aid is necessary for poor African countries?

Is Obama Not Spending Enough on the Poor?

Liberal reporter Eric Eckholm pushes another left-wing study exaggerating the fragility of the "fraying" safety net.

Brokaw Calls for 'Economic Justice,' 'Mother Earth Taken Turn for the Worse'

During his Saturday commencement speech at Fordham U, former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw fretted the "vital signs" of "Mother Earth" have "taken a turn for the worse," as he cited global warming as ...

Dear WSJ: Foreign Aid is Not the Answer

Free markets will lift nations out of poverty, not 'do-goodism.'
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