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HuffPo Underreports Abortion Related Deaths by 16 Million

Successful procedures always take life, but liberals dehumanize victims.
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New March for Life Video Celebrates Defenders of the Unborn

Prolife protestors overcome freezing temps, challenging travel to save the children.
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Gosnell Movie Tops $1 Million in Fundraising

Filmmakers strive to tell the true story of abortionist Kermit Gosnell.
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MRC Plans 'March for Life' Documentary

Organization calls on pro-life movement to combat media censorship.
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Networks Warn of ‘Restrictive’ Abortion Laws, Ignore Pro-Abort Horrors

Abortion is about choice – the choice network journalists make not to tell viewers of the nightmarish side of the abortion industry. TV journalists decided legislation recently adopted in Arkansas ...

Nets Not Showing Embarrassing DNC Convention Events

No cameras have shown Trojan handing out condoms to Democratic delegates – or the prolife demonstration in Denver.
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