Top Editor Abramson Promises To Get to 'Heart' of Occupy Issues Like 'Income Inequality'

Executive Editor Jill Abramson promised the Times was "proceeding on multiple fronts with stories that get at the heart of the issues that OWS brings up - income inequality, the lingering effects ...

NYT Ombudsman Finds Editors Who Don't Mind Joe Nocera Comparing Tea Party to Terrorists

The paper's Public Editor Arthur Brisbane did not mention that columnist Joe Nocera is far from the only Times columnist to liken Tea Party supporters or conservative congressmen to terrorists.

Times Critics Vindicated: Public Editor Dresses Down Dubious Article Critical of Natural Gas Industry

Times Public Editor Arthur Brisbane concluded of Ian Urbina's controversial front-page Sunday story on natural gas: "...such a pointed article needed more convincing substantiation, more space for ...

Public Editor Has Problem With Paper's Front-Page Editorializing for Obama-Care

Public Editor Arthur Brisbane has a problem with the paper putting columns on the front page: "The Times's decision to place it on Page 1 that posed the difficulty, sending the message that The ...

Departing Public Editor Hoyt: We're Not the Fox News of the Left

The paper's departing public editor Clark Hoyt admitted the Times' editorial page and columnists are liberal and that the paper shares the prevailing sensibilities of the city and region where it ...

The NYT's First Public Editor Cheers on Obama at Lefty Huffington Post

Daniel Okrent, who actually saw liberal bias at the Times, now calls himself "thrilled he no longer has to be impartial."

Excuses for Not Covering Edwards Affair Refuted by NYT's Own Reporting

The Times comes up with two excuses for not covering allegations of a John Edwards affair: 1) they were anonymously sourced and 2) Edwards was not in contention as Obama's running mate. Both ...

Public Editor Says Times Shouldn't Have Run McCain Affair Allegations

Clark Hoyt: "A newspaper cannot begin a story about the all-but-certain Republican presidential nominee with the suggestion of an extramarital affair with an attractive lobbyist 31 years his ...

The Public Editor Criticizes Fishy Front-Page Story on Mercury and Sushi

Clark Hoyt on an alarmist front-page report on mercury in sushi: "I thought the package was less balanced than it should have been, given the state of existing research."

"Killer Vet" Story Worthy but Marred by Bad Numbers, Says Public Editor

Public Editor Clark Hoyt's take on the Times' inflammatory story on murderous veterans: A worthy idea marred by shoddy statistics and the eternal journalistic quest to uncover a trend.
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