'Far Right' Playwright David Mamet Gets Testy Treatment from NYT Magazine

How sweet of the Times: "David Mamet explains his intellectual shift to the right. The far right." One of Andrew Goldman's questions to the acclaimed playwright: "Sometimes in the book I thought ...

Deborah Solomon Gives Up 'Q&A' Slot; Showed Blatant Hostility Toward Conservatives

Peter Baker's respectful interview with Donald Rumsfeld in the Times Sunday Magazine makes quite a contrast with Deborah Solomon's aggressive and hostile approach toward conservatives like William ...

Magazine Writer to Melinda Gates: Is Pope 'Hurting Efforts' on Women's Health By Opposing Birth Control, Abortion?

Deborah Solomon to Melinda Gates, co-chair of a foundation working for women's health in developing countries: "Do you think the pope is hurting efforts on behalf of women's health by preaching ...

Reporter Says Anti-Semitism Invented By Right Wing

Deborah Solomon continues to display her anti-conservative hostility in her latest Q&A for the Times Sunday magazine, dubiously telling conservative political scholar Norman Podhoretz that ...

NYT Top Editor Bill Keller: "Hamas Is Also a Charitable Organization..."

Plus, Keller unwittingly criticizes his paper's liberal slant: "To describe a politician as 'liberal' or 'conservative' (while almost always inexact) is generally neutral. To describe the same ...

Deborah Solomon's Double Standards

A moderate Republican had his tan mocked and was goaded into sniping at his party, while a moderate Democrat was praised for his military valor and being an "unusually gifted stylist."

No Socialists at Duke University?

Deborah Solomon (pictured on right) forwards a lazy liberal opinion about Duke University.

FARK Founder Lists Top Five Problems with the Media

In Q&A, Curtis tells about stupid journalism tricks. Oh, and, how the French 'still suck.'
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