Get Your Race-Based Holiday Shopping Done at NYTimes.com!

The New York Times has set up a special gift page for non-whites, with gift suggestions like the "Wise Latina" t-shirt: "Wise shoppers can commemorate the moment in history when Sonia Sotomayor ...

Baltimore's Dem Mayor on Trial for Embezzlement: Times Lends Moral Support

Ian Urbina focused not on the charges against Democratic Mayor Sheila Dixon, but the fact that they "cast a cloud over [her] administration despite her best efforts to keep the focus on running ...

Double Standard: Olbermann Given Pass on NFL Commissioner's 'Divisive Comments' Edict

NBC 'Football Night in America' and MSNBC 'Countdown' host's 'Worst Persons in the World' segment attacks conservatives 45 times more than liberals.

'Racially Tinged Attacks' Against Obama at Huge Washington Rally?

On Wednesday night, NBC Nightly News led with ex-president Jimmy Carter's racism charge against conservative opponents of Obama's agenda. On Thursday morning, the New York Times put Carter's slur ...

Maureen Dowd: A "Disgrace" That Bush "Appointed Two White Men" to Court

Dowd: "It was a disgrace that W. appointed two white men to a court stocked with white men." So why did she dismiss Bush's initial choice for the Alito seat: Harriet Miers?

Discrimination ruling a reason to get fired up against Sotomayor

Media have downplayed impact 'liberal' Supreme Court nominee had on ordinary working men.

CNN Weirdly Attempts to Rationalize Sotomayor's 'Wise Latina' Remark As Discourse on Pig's Feet

On Thursday's 10am ET Newsroom, CNN sought to give "context" to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's infamous "wise Latinas" remark. To rationalize and explain Sotomayor's ethnic argument, ...

Politico Writer Defends Sotomayor's Crack On White Males Being Worse Judges

Politico's Roger Simon complained about the White House backpedaling on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's declaration that a "wise Latina woman" makes better decisions than a white male: "We ...

Journalists Ignore Reality That 'Post-Racial' President Isn't

Sotomayor pick for court underlines Obama's support for workplace discrimination.

Times Laments Lack of Blacks on TV, Uses "Redneck"

The Times' Edward Wyatt uses the word "redneck" in a politically correct story arguing for greater racial diversity on television.
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